• “Our vision is for every single visitor to leave our country with life changing memory”

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  • Multilingual

    Our staff includes speakers in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian and Dutch.

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  • Professional

    Thanks to ongoing training and regular field excursions, our staff is updated with the latest developments and discoveries

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    Holiday Travel will handle from simple airport assistance and transfers to elaborated professional tours, for individuals and groups alike and with the....

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    In Holiday Travel you and your clients will find around the clock responsiveness

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  • Memorable Experiences

    Israel is a feast for the senses; let us show you our country!

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Not to miss

Israel’s must see and do:

    • Take a float in the Dead Sea: due to the extremely high concentration of salt it’s not possible to sink in the Dead Sea, a unique experience is floating without effort and read a newspaper.
    • Masada: the fortress of Masada is one of the Jewish people's greatest symbols. Built by Herods the Great in an inexpugnable plateau in the Dead Sea, 960 Zealot Jews resisted three years to the Roman Armies siege, finally committing suicide rather than surrender. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • Walk the Old City of Jerusalem: little remains to add to the experience of walking the Old city of Jerusalem and embed in the holiness of this unique place.
    • Machane Yehuda open market: Jerusalem’s market is probably the most colorful in Israel. Usually packed with buyers and tourists, it’s an opportunity to see the entire city’s population spectrum. Especially on Fridays with street shows and live music.
    • Snorkel/dive in Eilat: located on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat has beautiful coral reefs and an excellent underwater observatory.

  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial: Yad Vashem in Jerusalem is the memorial to the six million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II, as well as to those that fought to try and save them, many times at risk of their own lives.
  • Jeep ride in Ramon Crater: the Ramon Crater was formed a meteorite, it’s a geological feature of Israel's Negev desert and the biggest in the world.
  • Sunset in Tel Aviv beach: with almost 10 miles of beaches and a mild weather even during the winter, a sunset in Tel Aviv is a magic moment.
  • Hula Valley during migration: every year more than 500 million birds cross Israel sky.
  • White City of Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv hosts a wide range of architectural styles which were influenced by various schools of architecture - among which was the International Bauhaus style. The central portion of Tel Aviv - which is known as “The White City" - contains the largest group of buildings in the world built in the International Bauhaus style. The White City has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO
  • Gay parade in Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is known as one of the world's finest and friendliest GLBT travel destinations. Come experience Israel, where you can express yourself, indulge yourself, or just be yourself in cosmopolitan gay-friendly cities and resort towns. Every June the Gay Parade attracts tens of thousands of visitors.
  • Bedouin experience: The Bedouin come from a variety of origins, which means that this colorful and ancient community offers many nuances waiting to be discovered. The majority of Bedouin in Israel live in the Negev. In Bedouin culture, primary importance is placed on receiving guests and on warm, open-hearted hospitality.
  • Baha'i World Center: The Baha’i religion, whose holy places are in Israel, began in Persia in the mid-19th century, when its founder MirzaHusayn Ali, began to teach its basic tenets: the unity of all humankind and the progressive revelation of religious truth. Beauty, grandeur, and inspired design combined with the painstaking gardening of generations create the unique atmosphere of the Bahai shrine and gardens in Haifa.