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Haifa and northern coast
  • Caesarea is a city of the past and the future, the new opposite the ancient. While new Caesarea is graced with magnificent modern homes, ancient Caesarea offers tourists the ruins of unique, impressive buildings. While golfers enjoy lush fairways, horse races are reenacted in the huge hippodrome in the national park.

  • The ancient biblical mound of Megiddo in Megiddo National Park, whose universal value has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is on an important ancient and modern crossroad. By the third millennium BCE, Megiddo was a powerfully fortified city; 1,000 years later it became a center of Egyptian rule, and is mentioned frequently in the Bible. Christianity identifies it as the eschatological Armageddon. Highlights include ‘Solomon’s Gate’; panoramas of the pastoral Jezreel Valley and the ninth-century BCE underground water system––testimony to the amazing abilities and initiative of its engineers.

  • Sepphoris, Tzippori, was known as the jewel of the Galilee and was one of the capital cities of the Galilee. Just prior to the Bar Kokhba revolt, the city's name was changed to Diocaesarea. Following the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132–135, many Jewish refugees from devastated Judea settled there, turning it into a center of Jewish religious and spiritual life in the Galilee. Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, one of the compilers of the Mishnah, a commentary on the Torah, moved to Tzippori, along with the Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish religious court. One of the more exciting discoveries that we made at Sepphoris was a magnificent Roman villa with a gorgeous, mosaic known as the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee", an extraordinary depiction in stone of a beautiful woman of Roman antiquity.

  • Beauty, grandeur, and inspired design combined with the painstaking gardening of generations create the unique atmosphere of the Baha’i shrine and gardens in Haifa.This is the site where members of the Baha’i faith have established their shrine and world center because of its significance to the Baha’i faith.Other beautiful Baha’i gardens surround the grave of Baha'u'llah just north of Akko (Acre).These gardens are called the Al Bahaja and are the most holy site for members of the Baha’i faith.

  • Visiting Acre is an emotional journey to a glorious past and a one-of-a-kind experience. Join us for an exciting visit to an ancient city with a young soul - a city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The city's fascinating historical heritage, rare blend of East and West, authentic glimpses from the past, and unique mix of religious beliefs and remnants from different cultures, have all turned Acre into one of the most vital Ancient World cities.