Israel Map

Tiberias area and Golan Heights
  • Tiberias (Tverya) is synonymous with vacations in Israel. Here one can enjoy a variety of activities in a city that offers wonderful opportunities to mix relaxation with nature, history with contemporary attractions, serene quiet with active water sports, and pilgrimage sites with unique tourist attractions.

  • Kineret Cemetery combines charming views together with historic tales the picture starts to change to the better.  It's known mainly because of the famous poetess Rachel who asked in her will to be buried here and also Naomi Shemer - Israeli songwriter hailed as the "first lady of Israeli song and poetry".

  • Tiberias has been the heart of the Galilee for many years and many great Rabbis are buried in the Tiberias area, most famous is the tomb of Rambam, Rabbi Meir Baal Haness and the tomb of Rabbi Akiva.

  • Known as the “the Masada of the north", Gamla has it all: a dramatic saga, rugged landscape and magnificent vistas to match, and a wonderful foray into nature, including a waterfall and great raptors soaring overhead.

  • Modern Kazrin is the capital of the Golan Heights, and is named after ancient Kazrin, the archaeological remnants of which can be found in the nearby Kazrin Ancient Village.

  • Safed is a picturesque city of spiritual people and artists, wrapped in mysticism and mystery, and steeped in sacred atmosphere. It's one of the four holy cities in Israel and the birthplace of the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). /p>

  • To steep yourself in the unique spiritual and mystical atmosphere of the Galilee, you should spend time not only in the Kabalah heartland of Safed, but take the beautiful drive to Meron about 15 miles to the northwest and the burial site of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

  • Manara cliff is the site of Israel’s longest scenic cable car (1,900 meters) and has a breathtaking observation point overlooking the Hula Valley and the surrounding area. It has hiking paths, activities for children, a challenging sports center with a climbing wall and the longest omega in Israel, with the steepest slope in the world (!). Visitors can also rappel down a 42-meter cliff face ride on an all-terrain bicycle trail with bicycles that can be rented on site.

  • Tel Hai is a historic site that commemorates the heroism of the Hula Valley pioneers who stubbornly defended their homes to the death. Nearby Kiryat Shmona is named after the eight (Shmona in Hebrew) pioneers who perished here.