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Tiberias area and Golan Heights
  • Mount of Beatitudes is a breathtaking site overlooking the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus gave his “Sermon on the Mount”. The stunning Church of Beatitudes displays beautiful windows and mosaics.

  • On the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Capernaum is mentioned several times in the Gospels, as the scene of many miracles and sermons, St. Peter’s House and the ruins of an ancient synagogue are fascinating pilgrimage sites.

  • Tabha is the site of the Church of the Multiplication, famous for its incredible mosaics and the place commemorating the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes.

  • Also known as Caesarea Philippi, this is the site where Jesus gave St. Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Korazim was an important Jewish town in Jesus's time. Along with Capernaum and Bethsaida, Korazim was condemned by Jesus for its lack of faith.

  • Bethsaida is known as the city of Philip, Andrew and Peter, three of Jesus’ disciples. It was also the place where Jesus healed the blind man.

  • Kursi, on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee, is the traditional site of the Miracle of the Gaderene Swine.