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News (3)


Ozzy Osbourne in Israel 2018

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July 8th 

Ozzy Osborne arrives in Israel and celebrates one last world farewell that will keep you open-mouthed. “There’s no doubt that Ozzie Osbourne will make his exit in Bang.” “I’m constantly being asked when I retire,” says Ozzie. “This will be the last world tour definitely.”

The concert is scheduled to take place at Live Park in Rishon Letzion, just outside Tel Aviv.


Ziggy Marley 2018

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July 31st 

Ziggy Marley, the acclaimed reggae musician and son of Bob Marley, will return to Israel for two shows. This will be Marley’s third time performing in Israel, as he has maintained close ties with the country throughout his career. In 2015, he received the Shalom Peace Award from the Jewish National Fund. Marley’s Israeli wife, Orly Agai, formerly worked as a talent agent in the music industry. The concert is scheduled to take place at the Barby in Tel Aviv 

Lollipop Festival with Jason Derulo & Rita Ora 2018


August 1st

Live Nation Israel brings you it’s very own Lollipop Festival, Israel’s first celebration of the world of pop.

Featuring two of the leading global stars on the pop scene, Jason Derulo and Rita Ora.

Joining them to make this the party of the summer are Eliad feat. Axum, Arutz HaKibud and Adi Ulmansky. All of this, one night, one stage at Live Park, Rishon Lezion.


Opera at Massada 2018

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September 15th  | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm *** Dates for 2018 still to be confirmed***

Taking place in one of the most historical monuments of Israel, Masada, The Opera Festival is truly the dramatical event of the year. With over 4,000 tourist coming over to take part in this festival every year, many Israelis travel to Masada to be a part of it as well. And though Israel is not known for it’s amazing Opera singers, we definitely aim there, with more than 200 schools in Israel sending representatives (Kids) to take part in this joyous occasion.


Jerusalem March 2018


 September 26th 

Tens of thousands of Israelis and Christian believers from around the world participate in the annual Jerusalem March, a festive parade that takes place in the middle of the Sukkot holiday (the Feast of Tabernacles). The Jerusalem March takes place during The Feast of Tabernacles each year, and attracts participants from around the world. After the March there are family events and activities at the Sacher Park. The Jerusalem March has evolved since its founding in 1955 when it was a four day march around the time of Passover that was attended by a small number of IDF soldiers and a few dozen local civilians.


Night Run Tel Aviv 2018


November 13th 

 Enjoy the most exhilarating 10km you will ever experience!

25,000 runners, tens of thousands of cheering spectators
Amazing, upbeat energy in the city that never sleeps
Adrenaline-charged urban night run with a celebratory finish line festival at Ganei Yehoshua.


Tel-Aviv Gay Parade 2019


June 14th

The Pride Festival in Tel Aviv-Jaffa will be held in support of gender equality with an emphasis on the transgender community.

The Tel Aviv 21st Pride Parade will take place on the 14th June 2019, under the slogan “Tel Aviv Loves all Genders”. This year the parade will be in support of transgender rights and recognition of their contribution to the LGBT community and the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 250,000 people are expected to participate.


White night in Tel-Aviv 2019

Image 10731 

June 27th

If you’re looking for a great night out in June, Tel Aviv opens its heart and soul with the annual White Night shindig.

Pretty much the entire city will be alive with various concerts, shows and other happenings, headlong into the wee hours. In the spotlight on this long, long night: the city’s extraordinary architecture and its amazing nightlife.


Tel Aviv Creative City


Tel Aviv was designated as new member of UNESCO’s creative cities network Monday, along with 28 other cities, with focus on media arts. The network aims to develop cooperation between cities that have made creativity a strategic priority, and promotes partnerships in innovative projects, studies, training and policy linked to creative development.

Tel Aviv was recently designated the “World’s Smartest City” in a smart city conference in Barcelona for launching the Digi-tel platform, that will allow engaging with its residents and includes providing access to culture and arts. Tel Aviv also has free Wi-Fi in public areas frequented by tourists. Read more here.



mul yam

Readers and writers of world famous Saveur Magazine awarded Tel Aviv as an outstanding culinary destination in category small international. Tel Aviv has nearly 4,500 businesses in the food industry, above a restaurant for every 1,000 people and an unprecedented number by western standards. Besides excellent the hundreds of hummus, shawarma and shakshuka stands, Tel Aviv boasts world class restaurants including "Raphael" by Rafi Cohen, "Jaffa Tel Aviv" by Haim Cohen, "Pronto", "Katit", "Herbert Samuel”, "Messa”, and of course , “Mul Yam”.

“Machane Yehuda” market in Jerusalem received a special mention as well in its category, and “El Al”, Israel national carrier received a special mention in category “Best In-Flight Wine Program”. And for a drink before or after dinner, think of the bar at the “Imperial Hotel”, which has been recently awarded as the best bar in Africa and the Middle East and no. 56 in the general ranking by guide World’s 50 Best Bars in the World.


The Night Spectacular at the Tower of David


Recurring multiple times throughout the week, the Night Spectacular is a 45-minute light-and-sound display using the walls beneath the Tower of David as a backdrop, but a simple written description doesn't really do the concept justice.

It's hard to fully conceive of what a titanic expanse of age-old monolithic city wall looks like when used as backdrop for the movies until you've seen it done. The moving images, sent from 20 projectors and two projection rooms, tell a wordless, politically neutral pictorial tale of the history of Jerusalem from the time of the Israelite kings down almost to the present day, treating viewers to dramatically larger-than-life reenactments of the deeds of David, the Romans, the monks, Muhammad, the Crusaders, Suleiman the Magnificent and the rest of the historical family. The action hums along a booming orchestral soundtrack by French composed Etienne Perruchon (the display itself is the product of a French multimedia company, Skertzo). It's better than any fireworks show, and while it is child-friendly, adults can enjoy the history lesson and technological wizardry on display.

Meet the People, Shabbat of a Lifetime

shabbat-of-a-lifetime-8 670x400

Shabbat of a Lifetime invites you to experience an authentic Shabbat dinner (Jewish Sabbath feast) in the heart of Jerusalem. Get the unique chance to participate first-hand in a traditional Shabbat dinner with a family at their home while feasting on a variety of delicious, home-made cuisine from nine Jewish communities around the world.

At Shabbat of a Lifetime, we combine the personal touch of home-hospitality with a unique cultural immersion you won’t find anywhere else. On the Shabbat of a Lifetime program, you have the opportunity to discover the beauties of the Friday night traditions, and make personal connections with Israelis and meet other travelers of all backgrounds from around the world. Join us for this unforgettable experience on your next trip to Jerusalem!


The Art of Time - Permanent Exhibition


The world-renowned Sir David Salomons collection is exhibited at the The Museum For Islamic Art, and contains more than 180 watches and clocks. This important, beautiful and rare collection came into being thanks to Sir David’s knowledge of horology and to his prosperity.

The collection’s most significant and special timepieces are the ground-breaking group of clocks by Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823). The inventor of some of the greatest technological innovations in modern watch-making, Breguet was among the most influential individuals in modern horology. Most of the watches that were returned to the Museum were made by Breguet, including watch number 160, known as the "Marie Antoinette".

The collection also features a selection of scientific instruments, such as barometric compasses, sundials and telescopes from the 17th to the 19th centuries, as well as an interesting group of clocks manufactured in the 19th century in Europe for the Turkish market.